TECHNOLOGY Korea, "Developing the world's first low-noise drone without propellers"
Typical drones use propellers to obtain thrust. A propeller has the advantage of being easy to manufacture and operate, but it produces significant amount of noise. However, using Tesla turbine which utilizes the boundary layer drag effect by multi-disc as a source of thrust has lower noise compared to a propeller. i-BIRDIE company has a patent for the proprietary technology of the propulsion device using the Tesla turbine, to develope a low-noise drone.
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TECHNOLOGY Adopted the International Standard for Drone Driver Licence / Drone Identity Module
  • ISO Proposal for Drone driver's licence and Drone Identity Module in 2016
  • ISO Adoption for Drone driver's licence and Drone Identity Module in 2017
  • DIM(Drone Identity Module)
  • DCL(Drone Controller's Licence): Licence to operate single drone (1:1)
  • DOL(Drone Operator's Licence): Licence to operate multiple drones (1:N)
  • DDL(Drone Driver's Licence): Licence to operate manned-drone


Future International ISO Drone driver's licence (example)

ISO Drone related standardization activities
Drone Licence and DIM(Drone Identity Module)
Licensed Drone / Unlicensed Drone

Mobile Drone Licence

Smart Card ISO7816

Drone Licence

Unlicensed Drone (Ex: Mobile Phone #)

DIM - Drone Identity Module

ISO7816 ID000 or Micro

Personal (Ex:Under25Kg)



Military(Air, Submarine)

Police (Enforcement Control)





Mutual Authentication, APDU Commands End to End Cryptography Communications

Issuing Authority, Registration and Permission Unique ID / Illegal Duplication Protect Flight Reservation, Insurance, Etc.

LTE / 5G.. SIM Compatibility, Interoperability

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